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HR Solutions For

Federal Applicants & Employees

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HR Solutions For

Federal Applicants & Employees

Federal & Government Job Search:

Federal HR Coaching Solutions

& Federal Resume Writing Services.

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For Federal Jobs on USAJOBS.

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We Proudly Serve Our Military & Veteran Population


HR Solutions For

Federal Applicants & Employees


We were applicants and had the same difficulty understanding the federal hiring process.

After several attempts and the right resources, we were able to land a federal job.

Oh, Happy Day!

As we progressed in our federal career, we witnessed the difficulty many applicants experienced along their journey.

With our help, many learned the do's and don'ts of applying to a federal position, received assistance writing a resume and landed the job they dream of.

Many have successfully progressed in their federal career with the knowledge we have shared with them.

Let us be your federal career match-maker!

We can help you find a job, write your federal resume, complete the application process, and provide interview prep and mock interviews.

Once hired, we can assist in completing federal documents such as SF86 to complete your background check, benefit forms, and so much more.

We can also help guide your federal career; ask us how.


We have over ten years of HR experience.

In that capacity, we have successfully posted numerous vacancy announcements, reviewed applicants' resumes, verified eligibility and qualifications, forwarded applicant resume to hiring managers, and have played an integral role in interviewing and making hiring recommendations.

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Our Why?

We pride ourselves in what we do, which is why we can confidently say that we are;

The firstand last stop for applicants